Maximizing Storage In Your Tiny Bathroom

By | April 23, 2023

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Living in a small space can be challenging, especially when it comes to storage. Very small bathrooms have limited room for storing all the essentials, let alone the extras. But don’t despair; there are a few easy ways to maximize storage in even the tiniest of bathrooms.

First and foremost, if you’re remodeling your bathroom, consider a floating sink. This will free up valuable space underneath that you can use for storage. If you don’t want to go that route, you can still maximize the area underneath your sink by using a few simple tricks. Add a small wheeled cart on casters to store cleaning supplies, or install over-the-door organizers to hang towels and other items.

Another great way to maximize storage in a small bathroom is to make use of the walls. Install shelves above the toilet or add a hanging rack for bath towels. You can also utilize the space behind the door with hanging organizers and hooks. For extra storage, consider adding a medicine cabinet with extra shelves or a built-in linen closet if you have the room.

If you’re still in need of more storage, consider a rolling cart or basket. These are great for storing items like extra toilet paper, soaps, and shampoos. You can also use them to store extra towels or a hairdryer. If you don’t want to invest in a cart, a simple basket can do the trick.

Finally, don’t forget about the ceiling. Utilize overhead space with suspended shelves or hanging baskets. These are perfect for storing extra towels, toiletries, or baskets of beauty products. Just make sure to secure the shelves to the ceiling or walls for safety.

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